Baltimore DSL Internet Service

Cavalier offers DSL internet service in Baltimore, Maryland! We only offer high speed internet in select locations and do so at lower rates than bigger internet service providers. Our lightning-fast broadband internet service lets you watch videos, send email, and surf the web from the comfort of your home.

Unlike other ISPs, Cavalier does not have tiered internet service or use bandwidth throttling to control how you use the internet.

And, with FREE 24x7 customer support and FREE professional installation, choosing Cavalier as your Baltimore internet service provider is the smart choice.

Unlimited High Speed Internet

Starting at $41.95 per month*, high speed internet access never
looked so good.

Get more from your internet access with unlimited DSL from Cavalier. Our always-on, dedicated high-speed connection means you can download music faster, watch a movie trailer uninterrupted and upload photos with the click of your mouse. You can take our internet connection and go wireless* giving you freedom to be online throughout the house. Baltimore, MD has a better choice for DSL service, Cavalier!

High Speed Internet Highlights:

  • No contract required.
  • FREE high-speed modem (a $99 value)
  • FREE self-install kit (a $30 value)
  • Download speeds of up to 8 Mbps – the fastest high-speed internet to your home
  • A dedicated line so you're not sharing bandwidth

Learn more about Features and Benefits of High Speed Internet Service >

Dial-Up Internet Service

Pair our Baltimore home phone service with dial-up internet
service at great prices.

You get the reliability and value of Cavalier's unlimited dial-up internet access along with our great calling plans, FREE calling features and our FREE customer support.

We have two options to choose from - 56K Dial-Up Internet with:

  • Unlimited Long-Distance Calling for $60.00 per month*
  • Unlimited Local Calling for $50.00 per month*

What's the difference between Cavalier and other Baltimore internet service providers?

Our competitors run limited-time promotions to get you to sign up with them; we offer the best value by keeping our high-speed internet at a regular, low rate.

Choose the Baltimore ISP that provides fast, reliable internet service at a great value.

You can even get a phone + internet bundle and increase your savings.

Make Cavalier Your Baltimore ISP!

The first step is to check your address to see if Cavalier service is available in your area. Use the Check for Service box to the right.

Or call 1.888.612.7383 to get started with a customer care representative.

For additional savings, check out our DIRECTV Service and Phone Service. You can bundle all three and get one bill and one great rate!

* Availability varies by region and line condition. Pricing excludes taxes and fees. Speed is not guaranteed. Unlimited Long Distance calling is for typical residential applications only and is limited to a maximum of 5000 minutes per month. International rates vary and are changed on a per minute basis. Restrictions apply. Call for more details.